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Oh, how time flies… January 19, 2012

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Yesterday I was pregnant, so pregnant I couldn’t tie my shoes. So pregnant that when my husband said “honey, you only have 2 weeks to go” I broke down sobbing because that 2 weeks seemed like a lifetime in that moment. Today, that baby that I was pregnant with, turned two. Even in the face of this fact, I swear, it was really just yesterday that she was born and I held her for the first time. Yesterday that our family if 3 became a family of 4 and felt complete.

I remember when I was pregnant thinking, how will I divide the love between both my children? I knew plenty of people who had multiple children, but it had never occurred to me to ask how they divided up the love. That’s because, being a parent of an only child for 12 years, it never occurred to me at there was more love to give…and there wasn’t, until she arrived.

I’ve been looking at pictures of the past two years tonight, looking at pictures I snapped on my phone, so thankful that I thought enough to record that moment in time…the toothless smiles, the angelic face she has when she slept, even the pictures of her crying now mean more to me than the specific moment I was originally capturing.

As I head into the terrible two’s with her, a part of me thinks “oh make the next year go fast” while another part of me thinks “I wish I could freeze time right now and keep her this age forever”. My vow today is to take a moment every day to take it all in and appreciate her for every mood, every phase, every laugh…


and every temper tantrum…


because a year from now, I will be sitting here, looking back on the past 365 days and saying “I can’t believe a year had passed”.


One Response to “Oh, how time flies…”

  1. Aunt Bunny Says:

    What a great idea – I’ll be looking forward to your new blogs. Looks like Miss Harper Leigh liked playing fashion model up to point. Hope her birthday was terrific!

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