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Oh Pinterest, how I love you! January 31, 2012

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If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I love to pin delicious looking recipes, practical (and some not-so-practical) organization/storage ideas, fun crafts, and lots of other good stuff.  I was showing Pinterest to my hubs the other  night (who called it Pee-Interest before I educated him on the awesomeness of Pinterest) and after a few minutes he looked at the screen and said, “OK, but once you’ve done this to it, then what”.  Then what?  I was baffled!  Had he not noticed all the awesome and amazing things I’ve been doing to the house lately?  Has he not tasted the yummy meals I’ve been cooking???  So I ran through a few of the things I’ve done lately that I can say are all because of Pinterest…

A decoupaged key holder…I paid $1.47 for the wood, and $1.99 for the mod podge which I’m also using for other projects.  I had the paper and the hooks at home…and it matches perfectly with the “Family” plaque I bought at the Target dollar store a while ago and could never find the perfect spot for.


Delicious Chicken Taco Soup that I made for dinner…super duper easy and SO yummy!  This is the leftovers that we’ll have Thursday night over taco chips (or hash browns in my hubs case).





Easy Peasy cleaning product organization.  Bought an over-the-door shoe organizer at Wal Mart for about $5.50.  Hung it on the door to my larger pantry and put our cleaning products in it.  Cleared up SO much space under my kitchen sink, and makes it so much easier to find what I need.


Decoupaged letters that will go in my daughters bedroom.  They were $1.99 each at Hobby Lobby, and on sale for 40% off when I purchased them. I had the decorative papers in my scrapbooking supplies, just traced, cut, mod podged and POOF…adorable wall decor!

I spent about 2 hours today on the couch planning my daughters 2nd Birthday Party, which will be this Saturday.  Almost every idea for food/decorations has come from Pinterest.  Seriously, I dream that someday one of my ideas or items will be up there because someone saw it and said “Hey, this is awesome, I want everyone else to know about it!”  If you aren’t on Pinterest, get on there.  Now.  Seriously…it’s wonderful.


Bliss January 25, 2012

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Those of you that follow me on Facebook (So-Sew-Cute) and Twitter (@lightseyj) know that we have been moving and life has been IN-SANE lately. Well, it’s not totally back to normal, but last night we actually slept in the new house! It felt so great to be back in our own beds and wake up in our own house. I still have a lot of work to do, but this will make life much easier. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life!

So tell me, what are you smiling about and celebrating today?


Finally! January 22, 2012

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I am soooo glad it’s Sunday night! This weekend has been crazy busy and even though we have a hectic week ahead of us (seems like they are all these days), I’m excited for the changes we have in our immediate future. My son is returning to public school after a year of homeschooling, and we will be officially living in our new house as of tomorrow or Tuesday. I’ll be posting pics as we get everything in the house and set up! For now, I’m enjoying this view as my kiddos chill on the couch together….



Oh, how time flies… January 19, 2012

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Yesterday I was pregnant, so pregnant I couldn’t tie my shoes. So pregnant that when my husband said “honey, you only have 2 weeks to go” I broke down sobbing because that 2 weeks seemed like a lifetime in that moment. Today, that baby that I was pregnant with, turned two. Even in the face of this fact, I swear, it was really just yesterday that she was born and I held her for the first time. Yesterday that our family if 3 became a family of 4 and felt complete.

I remember when I was pregnant thinking, how will I divide the love between both my children? I knew plenty of people who had multiple children, but it had never occurred to me to ask how they divided up the love. That’s because, being a parent of an only child for 12 years, it never occurred to me at there was more love to give…and there wasn’t, until she arrived.

I’ve been looking at pictures of the past two years tonight, looking at pictures I snapped on my phone, so thankful that I thought enough to record that moment in time…the toothless smiles, the angelic face she has when she slept, even the pictures of her crying now mean more to me than the specific moment I was originally capturing.

As I head into the terrible two’s with her, a part of me thinks “oh make the next year go fast” while another part of me thinks “I wish I could freeze time right now and keep her this age forever”. My vow today is to take a moment every day to take it all in and appreciate her for every mood, every phase, every laugh…


and every temper tantrum…


because a year from now, I will be sitting here, looking back on the past 365 days and saying “I can’t believe a year had passed”.


Ch, ch, ch, changes… January 12, 2012

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I am not a person who avoids change, but I’m not necessarily someone who completely embraces it either.

We’ve had a lot of change going on in the past 3-6 months, and I think I’m on overload, because all I want right now is to have a completely finished, unpacked, totally organized home and for things to go back to normal. Unfortunately the normal I’m referring to will never happen again.

I’d like to get back the normal from 6 years ago when my dad was healthy and we didn’t even know the words “Multiple Myeloma”. I’d also like to go back to the normal from last year, before his most recent treatment stopped working. Before they put him on this new clinical trial with its side effects that leave him exhausted, spiking 102 degree fevers, and just overall not the same father/grandfather we remember.

Neither of those scenarios will ever happen though. And no matter how used to getting what I want I am, I will never get that either of those normals back.

I know in the grand scheme of things I’m lucky. I have both my parents here with me, I have a wonderful husband, 2 amazing kids, my health, a roof over my head, jobs, etc. I know that I shouldn’t waste time wishing for what will never happen, and most days the logic wins out and I just accept it. Then there are days like today, when I wake up and he is the first thing I think about. When I know that I will have to honor the promise I made my son yesterday, to look through old pictures that we found while packing. When I know that how many smiles and how much laughter there is from remembering and telling old stories, I will also have to fight back tears after seeing pictures of my dad when he was healthy. When he could play with me, stay up late with his friends, run around the backyard with his grandson. Long before those 2 words were introduced into our vocabulary. I would give up everything to go back to that day and change the test results.

But I can’t.


Who I love… January 11, 2012

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Well, that’s not really a great title for this post, because I love a lot of people…but these are the people who are the most important in my life and keep me going every day; or maybe they are the people that are driving me to the nervous breakdown I don’t have time to have, I can’t remember…


My mom and my daughter, two of my favorite girls in the world!


My son and my bff’s daughter. They met in Montessorri school and are still very good friends. This was taken about 3 or 4 years ago, they are both much bigger than this now…


My awesome and amazing hubs, hanging with our daughter…I think she’s teaching him how to use the iPad.

My BFF…I would be SO lost without her!


Once Upon A Time… January 9, 2012

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There was a little girl, named Julie.  She was a happy girl, dreaming of becoming a princess, or the President, or maybe just traveling the world and settling down with a gorgeous Italian man, then having lots of little bambinos who would run around saying “mangia, mangia”.  During her high school years she realized she might be expecting a bit much out of life, so like everyone else, she applied to college, got accepted and off she went to begin life as a grown up.  However, she never really felt like anyone else.  She didn’t crave the security of a long term plan, preferring to hop from major to major, undecided on exactly what she wanted to do.  Journalism?  Business?  Teaching?  Nothing seemed to fit quite right.  After a couple years she decided to take a break from college, vowing to go back someday and finish that degree – once she decided what she wanted to do!

Fast forward 18 years…I am now sitting at a desk in myliving room, starting a blog about life.  My life, life in general, all of it.  Life is very different than I ever expected it would be.  Different in a fabulous, amazing, joyful way, but still…different.  Never did I think I would be 38 (eek!), a stay at home mom, with a 14 year old son (eek again!) and a daughter about to turn 2.  How did I get here?  The ride was amazing, but it went by so fast!  I remember people asking me throughout my youth, “what do you want to be when you grow up?}.  I can’t begin to remember all the answers, but I know I wanted to be a dancer, a singer, a writer, a teacher, an accountant, a high-powered business executive…the list goes on and on.  Yet here I am, an adult, though I don’t really feel like one most of the time, teaching my daughter her ABC’s, and then working with my son on his home school lessons.

At some point in the last year or two I looked back and realized I had always worked for someone.  Done what I was told, when I was told, and given a strict deadline.  I had a to-do list basically created for me every day.  BORING!  No wonder I jumped from job to job after college and into my adult years…the monotony of the same commute every day, taking the same elevator, seeing the same people, it was all too much.  So I talked to my amazing and wonderful husband, and we decided to try something new…me, working for myself.  There have been some bumps along the way, but after our 6 month trial period, the numbers are better than we ever expected them to be.  I’ve had more fun than I ever thought I would, and the idea of taking this little experiment and moving forward…onward and upward, is exhilarating, and terrifying.  But if there is one thing I’ve learned over the past 38 years, it’s this…once I set my mind to something, there is no stopping me.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, keeping up with this blog is something I’ve put my mind to as well.  🙂